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SightCall provides the ability to easily integrate immersive communication experiences into enterprise applications.

We offer APIs and SDKs, as well as packaged applications.


Customer Service

Imagine the speed with which customer service agents could solve issues if they could see the problem without even leaving their desks. Improve the overall customer experience, increase sales and improve customer loyalty with real-time customer support interactions.

  • Agents can drive customers to a solution with tools such as live pointer, pausing live video, drawing on a shared screen and more
  • Get immediate ROI by reducing time to resolution and increasing agent efficiency
  • Integrate now directly into your CRM or agent console!


Keep up with patient preferences as EHR and EMR become the mainstream way to receive healthcare. Reach patients anywhere and join the growing trend in revolutionizing the healthcare landscape.
  • Video teleconsultation gives doctors the ability to continue to monitor a patient remotely, provide care, and have follow up appointments that are convenient to their patients
  • Guarantee patient records remain confidential through our HIPAA compliant platform
  • Reduce friction of getting patients to the clinic or hospital by providing a secure, easy to use video calling solution
  • Integrate real-time interaction in your EHR, EMR or provider portal application now!

Online Expertise

The future of expert advice has arrived. Give your customers expert help without the hassle of coming into the local office, whether you are in banking, insurance or any other industry. Review and complete complex documents on any device in real time from anywhere.

  • Provide the service clients desire online with cobrowsing and sharing files
  • Connect customers with a personal adviser to help answer questions and build rapport
  • Integrate directly into any website or mobile application today!

APIs and SDK – Build your own experience now!

Feature List

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SightCall provides APIs and SDKs for developers to easily add real-time communication features to any website or mobile application. With SightCall your developers can focus on application expertise for your business, instead of managing complex software infrastructures.
  • Offer a whole new way to interact with your company through real-time video
  • Over 6 years SightCall has built a full WebRTC stack that forms the core SightCall platform
  • With 9 data centers around the world we offer a global service and 99.95% uptime SLA
  • Embedable in any application with a small piece of code. Get started today!

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