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Empower your workforce

Provide your agents the ability to see what your customers see

Connect SightCall to your enterprise software and make it part of your workflow.
Turn your customer experience into a competitive advantage with SightCall live video and remote assistance.

We lead the video expertise transformation

Industry leaders, Insurers, Manufacturers, Healthcare providers

2 of the top 3 global insurance carriers, 2 of the top 5 global consumer electronics manufacturers, and several fortune 100 companies transformed their customer interactions with SightCall live video support.

The breadth of functionality empowering your workforce

  • Live Video
    See what your customer sees
  • HD Audio
    Guide your customer to tell him what to show
  • SMS
    Start the interaction by a simple click on a link in a SMS
  • Recording
    Record interaction, including audio, video and annotations
  • Multiparty
    Add multiple experts/viewers into the video session
  • Annotations
    Annotate on the phone with a finger and on the web console with a mouse
  • Photo
    Take snapshots fromthe video stream andsave the picturesyou need
  • Zoom
    Remotely zoom to better view whatyou want to see
  • Geolocation
    Get the location of the mobile to tag photos with time stamp and GPS
  • Sharing
    Add multiple experts/viewers into the video session

Scalable, fault tolerant and latency optimized Real Time Communication infrastructure

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Ready to transform your customer interactions with live video?


See how SightCall helps the best get better

Enriching over 100,000 interactions per year with Visual Support

“The Genie Tech Sight app puts real-time field service support in the palm of a field service tech’s hand, providing the technical support they need when they need it. Using this app gives Genie technical experts the ability to quickly handle and resolve issues customers are experiencing in the field. It integrates customer service, field service, customer support and video calls all into one.”

Bob Bartley

Senior Director of Product Support and Reconditioning

“We surveyed 4000 customers through all the insurance companies asking them what should be done to manage their claim well? The first two answers were that it has to be fast and easy. The added value is not only having a Skype, it is the fact that the expert from his desk can now control his customer’s tablet or smartphone to be able to guide and tell him what he needs to show. As a result within one hour the video expertise can be completed and the customer is fully satisfied.”

Eric Renders

Director of Claims

“The Darty Button in video mode aims to solve remotely 70% of the breakdowns observed by consumers. And because this after-sales service and assistance is done without physically moving a technician, the retailer optimizes its direct and operating costs. This is good news for the consumer as well as until now, in the event of an on-site intervention, the consumer had to bear somehow the truck roll costs.”

Régis Schultz