SightCall Provides a Customizable Video Calling WebRTC Experience

SightCall’s video Platform as a Service covers all major endpoints and offers developers the APIs and SDKs they need to be successful.

Offering an enterprise grade Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees up-time

Support of common authentication methods and end-to-end encryption

The broadest geographic coverage of any WebRTC solution available

SightCall handles the telephony, making integration as simple as web development

SightCall Takes The Telecomplication Out Of WEBRTC

SightCall abstracts the transport layer and makes integrating real-time video calling simple web development.

SightCall Packaged Integrations

Live Video Chat for Salesforce®

Add a human touch to your online customer experience with live video chat customer support.

Video Support Agent for Salesforce Service Cloud

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Supports Desktop and Mobile

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Free Video Calling for Zimbra®

Increase employee engagement with free video calling software for Zimbra users.

Free Video Calling for Zimbra Email

  • One Touch Video Calls from Contact List
  • Streamline Team Collaboration
  • Do Business Around the Globe

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  • SightCall Goes Beyond WebRTC

    WebRTC has gained significant momentum and is endorsed by major industry players as the preferred path for integrating video into web applications. Unfortunately, limited browser and device support are holding WebRTC back from reaching its full potential. SightCall simplifies and effectively eliminates WebRTC roadblocks by offering a global telecom-grade WebRTC video service that developers can use to extend web applications supporting all browsers and devices including Internet Explorer, iOS and Android platforms.

  • SightCall is Mobile

    SightCall provides a complete mobile video calling solution that works across all mobile devices. With our comprehensive SDK, you can easily embed a custom video calling experience on any Android or iOS device.

  • SightCall Provides Customizable Video Calling Experiences

    As one of the most versatile WebRTC video calling platforms, SightCall lets you create the experience that fits your user’s needs. Whether your business application needs a fully scalable multi-party video conferencing solution, a simple one-to-one video calling platform, video chat for customer support or doctor to patient video calling, SightCall provides high quality, scalable and reliable video calling for small businesses, enterprises and healthcare professionals.