SightCall API/SDK Provides Customizable Realtime Interactions using WebRTC

SightCall software development kits for browsers and mobile devices help developers rapidly integrate Realtime Video, Audio and Text capabilities directly into their Website or Mobile App. SightCall software products are aimed at developers and make incorporating Realtime Communication as easy as using any other client-side framework.

SightCall SDK for iOS and Android

Incorporating SightCall into your product is as easy as requesting an API Key and getting started with the tutorials.


SightCall Javascript Client API provides Realtime Video, Audio and Text communication directly in your browser using WebRTC (when available) or the SightCall Plugin (when it isn’t).

SightCall Javascript

SightCall Javascript Client API integrates easily into your Website. Your web pages include the Javascript extension directly from our servers using a <script> tag. Once included in your website, our Javascript authenticates your app so you can create the type of realtime experience you want, right in the context of your Website.
Design your own Rich Communication Experience that incorporates exactly the features you want.

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IOS and Android SDKs

SightCall Native SDK for iOS and Android integrates easily into your native Mobile App. Our client-side SDK authenticates your app with only a small extension to your mobile back-end.

SightCall SDK for iOS and Android

SightCall SDK for iOS and Android allows you to add exactly the Realtime features your App needs.


SightCall covers all of your bases, and provides interoperability across browsers and devices.

Our Javascript API works in Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox. SightCall Javascript API uses WebRTC directly, or can fallback to the SightCall Plugin in browsers where WebRTC is not available.

On mobile devices, we have you covered in two different ways. We offer Native SDKs for your custom App development. If native App development is not for you, we have the SightCall Universal App for iOS and Android. This App is provided for free by SightCall on App store and Google play. It can be launched from your webpage on a mobile browser to initiate a WebRTC communication.

SightCall Interoperability

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Use our documentation and sample code to start your project today!

How to build your App with SightCall

Building an app with SightCall is as easy as 1-2-3. First, connect to your SightCall admin portal and retrieve the technical information (API key, API secret, etc.).

Next, install an authentication client on your server.

Third, integrate SightCall Javascript into your website or SightCall SDK into your mobile app to provide a realtime experience in the context of your app.

SightCall Account Portal

A Managed Platform – we’ve got your back

Sightcall Network

SightCall offers a Fully Deployed Global Network

Managing Quality of Service (QoS) is one of the biggest challenges of a WebRTC deployment.

Not to worry, SightCall manages your WebRTC traffic making integrating video into any application a straightforward web or mobile development effort.

The SightCall Cloud Platform is composed of a core platform that manages a constellation of globally distributed real-time platforms (RTPs) linked via high bandwidth connections. The RTPs are located in secure co-location data centers with multi-gigabit bandwidth access and available dedicated server capacity to host SightCall virtual machine system elements. With the SightCall Video PaaS there is no need to learn the ins and outs of telecom technology.

You focus on the integration and we’ll handle the rest.